Girl Scouts Take Over Council

“A community cannot sustain itself without the civil dedication that nourishes its existence.”

These words were expressed in a proclamation at the February 2nd Mayor & Council meeting to spotlight not only the good works that the Girl Scouts do and have done, but what they themselves can accomplish with their future.

That Thursday night, Girls Scouts from troops 40033, 40193, 40318, and 40998 took part in a tradition that was on hiatus for a couple of years – they took over as elected representatives at a Mayor & Council meeting. Seven young women took the dais with their respective adult counterparts standing behind them including the only member who herself was a Girl Scout, Council-At-Large Charlene Storey.

The Girl Scout councilmembers that evening were:

  • Mayor Rachel Leone (Troop 40193)
  • 1st Ward Councilperson Kassandra Cordero (Troop 40318)
  • 2nd Ward CouncilpersonKaren Saavedra (Troop 40033)
  • 3rd Ward Councilperson Aubrey Reyes (Troop 40908)
  • 4th Ward Councilperson Lindsay Scarola (Troop 40908)
  • 5th Ward Councilperson Sarah Leone (Troop 40318)
  • Council-At-Large Lia Aasmae (Troop 40998)

Supported by troop leaders Jessica Cordero (40318), Casey Cullen (40318), Yvette Espeleta (40908), Sonya Leingang (40193), Ellen Margarita (40998), Ruth Saavedra (40033), and Misty Vita (40908) the young ladies acting mayor and council got to feel what it was like to run government. This was not play acting but actual governance. All actions and votes were real and binding.

Parents and supporters were in the audience saying to themselves, “She can do anything she puts her mind to.”

The Girl Scouts on the dais, at first, knew all eyes were on them, but as their portion of the meeting progressed, they themselves realized, through experience, that anything is possible for them.

Any families interested in the local Girls Scouts can visit their website (link).