Girl Scouts Create Gift Baskets For Homeless Families

The govenring body recognized Girl Scout Troop 40033 for creating gift baskets for homeless families.

Mayor Carl Hokanson presented the certificates to the ten (10) troop members and two troop leaders – Karen Donnelly and Ruth Saavedra. The mayor read the proclamation, “The Mayor & Council of the Borough of Roselle Park herebey wish to recognize your hard work and your talent in creating a large gift basket filled with essential toiletry items for the Family Gateway YMCA Housing Development.”

Mrs. Donnelly spoke on behalf of the troop, “I just want to thank the girls. We happened to be shopping at the dollar store in town where we ran into Mayor Hokanson and he thought we were Easter shopping. We were shopping and doing . . . work for one of our badges [by] shopping for the homeless and he was gracious enough to invite us to this meeting. It’s exciting for the girls to be here.”

The Family Gateway YMCA Housing Development in Elizabeth provides shelter and support to families and individuals in a safe environment with opportunities to restructure their lives through the development of new skills along with the help of social service resources. More information on the program can be found on its website (link).