Panther Pennants! Get Yer Panther Pennants Here!

At the April 19th Mayor & Council meeting, Patricia Butler forewent her report as borough historian to inform the public about a fundraiser the Roselle Park Historical Society is currently holding.

Speaking as president of the historical society, Mrs. Butler presented the governing body and those in attendance a reproduction of a half-a-century old Panthers pennant. The original banner is on display at the Roselle Park Museum.

The 2018 pennant fundraiser commemorates Roselle Park High School athletics, in particular, the 100th Thanksgiving Football Game between Roselle Park and Roselle as well as the high school wrestling team’s 1,000th dual wrestling match victory.

“We’re going to be selling these pennants as a fundraiser this year for $4 a piece but every child who visits the Roselle Park Museum will receive one for free,” said Historical Society President Butler. She added, “If you cannot bring your child on a Saturday, just call me at (908) 245-1776 or e-mail me at and I’ll arrange a special time for you to come in and to view the collection, view the displays, and receive the pennant.”

Mrs. Butler also offered to mail pennants on behalf of the historical society for free. She said, “If you would like to purchase a pennant for a friend who lives far away I will mail these free of charge for you. All you have to do is when you go to the post office, the museum’s right across the street, put the $4 or a check for $4 addressed to the Roselle Park Historical Society in an envelope with your name, the name of the person you want it to go to and their address and I’ll mail it for you.”

The historical society president commented that purchases of the pennants are tax deductible. She remarked, “These are just wonderful gifts to give a friend who was a former resident of the town and a great way to say we have pride on our town [and that] our town is wonderful.

In closing, Mrs. Butler stated that she will be handing the pennants out to children at the Memorial Day Parade this year.

The Roselle Park Museum is located at 9 West Grant Avenue and is open every Saturday from 10 a. m. till one o’clock in the afternoon.