Game On At Football Frenzzy With Something For Everyone

There is not much for teenagers and young adults to do in Roselle Park.

That has normally been the case as far as businesses are concerned.

Until now.

Football Frenzzy is here to change all that. Opening its doors last week right on Westfield Avenue, the modern-day arcade and Family Fun Center is set to offer young people and families a place to have a safe, fun time in town.

Owner Juan Ayala commented on what gave him the idea for Football Frenzzy, “I have kids. As a family man, having a safe fun place to go where they can hang out and play is important.”

The clean sleek design puts you into another world from the moment you step through the front doors. With 10 large comfortable couches and big flat-screen TVs, Football Frenzzy gives immediate access to a wide range of video games that can be played on PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox consoles. From sports to action, there are titles that range from Madden 15 to FIFA to Mortal Kombat – just to name a few; it is all here, even E-rated games for young kids.

Teenagers can relate especially if the TV needs to be shared with others or if a new game comes out that they are not sure if they want to buy it but would be willing to try out. Football Frenzzy is ready with new games being loaded all the time. Games are stored on the respective networks so there is no getting up to change discs or worry about scratches or slow load times. Kids can just sit down, load a game, and start playing immediately.

Juan wanted a place that would have all the comforts of home but allow for people to socialize safely. There are security measures, including cameras, to make sure that everyone who comes in can relax and just play with no worries. Six of the couches are two players and four of them can accommodate four-player gaming.

Parents can also play video games with their children or they can even try their hand a pinball, skeeball, or air hockey. There are also snack foods available.

Things are kicking off with a Summer Special of $7/hour until school starts in September, an over 20% savings.

There is also some parking available on the side of the building but ample free parking is available just around the corner on Chestnut Street in the municipal lots. Earlier this year, they were changed to no-fee parking.

Football Frenzzy is also available for parties and other private events so families now have another option for birthdays, graduation parties, or other celebrations. There is even talk of holding tournaments for various games.

Juan sees the potential to expand and grow with Roselle Park, having said, “It’s a great, small family oriented town and we look forward to being a part of it for a long time to come. We have something for everyone. You can play with friends, family, or just come in an relax on your own. No one will make you change the channel.”

Football Frenzzy is located at 33 West Westfield Avenue and is opened from 10 – 10 Monday through Saturday. More information can be found by visiting their Facebook Page (link) or calling them at (908) 241-8670.