Fundraiser For RPPD Lt. Jimenez On Oct. 20th

In the life of a police officer, there are moments you put yourself out there on the line  – I mean really on the line – for the public and for your fellow officers. Those moments mean everything.

Be it on a radio call or as back-up, say for a traffic stop. Even though it might be considered routine – as far such things could be considered routine – you never know what might happen and it is always good to have someone there to have your back.

Roselle Park Police Department Lieutenant Manuel Jimenez has been that officer countless times; from being back-up on a call to arriving on-scene to do his part. And even though everyone went home after it was all said and done, it was good to know that he was there just to make sure everything reached the best possible conclusion. He has been on the beat, on the road, at events, in the schools, and even in the air with his drone – keeping everyone safe.

Now, Lt. Jimenez is out there again on the line. This time he is facing stage 2A pancreatic cancer and chronic leukemia.

But now the community he serves – and has served for decades – has an opportunity to be his back-up.

On Saturday, October 20th, a fundraiser will be held for Lt. Jimenez at VFW Kenilworth Post 2230. Starting at 7 p.m. and going till 11 o’clock at night friends and neighbors, as well as fellow officers, will get together to share a meal and each others’ company to be there for officer Jimenez. For the record, it is pronounced “he-MEN-ez” not “JIM-en-ez”. The event will have food, beverage, and music to accompany the conversation, laughs, stories, and support.

The fundraiser is $30 per person. All proceeds raised will go directly to assist the Jimenez family with expenses incurred from this unexpected diagnosis.

The VFW Kenilworth Post 2230 is located at 33 South 21st Street in Kenilworth.

Those who are unable to attend but still wish to donate can send their contribution to the following:

Cops for Manny
PO BOX 173
Roselle Park, NJ 07204

One resident echoed the thoughts of many when he said, “It’s time to stand by an officer who has always had our back.”