Full-Time & Alternate Crossing Guards Appointed

One full-time crossing guard and four (4) alternates were appointed at the first municipal meeting in September.

Thomas Gaydos of Linden was hired through Resolution 207-16 to fill the position held by Georgia Ranieri who retired as a full-time school crossing guard on September 1, 2016.

During the September 1st Mayor & Council meeting, Mayor Carl Hokanson spoke about Resolution 206-16 which dealt with the retirement of Mrs. Ranieri.

I know the police department’s going to miss [Georgia] and I’m going to miss her” – Mayor Hokanson

“I had the fortune of being on the police department as a traffic safety sergeant running that unit working with Georgia as a school crossing guard. She’s old school. She’s dedicated,” said the mayor, “Georgia was out there for a good many years: hot, cold, wet, snow. She loves her kids like all the guards do. I know the police department’s going to miss her and I’m going to miss her but there is life after retirement. She’s got her grandkids to look after. Georgia, if you’re out there, good luck.”

In addition, Resolution 210-16 appointed four residents as Alternate School Crossing Guards to fill in if a full-time crossing guard calls out or is not available:

  • Barbara R. Bonavita
  • Queenia M. Hagler
  • Thomas J. Thompson
  • Gerald E. Vitale

All School Crossing Guards, both full-time and alternate, are at a salary rate of $64.65 per day.