Fugitive Arrested During Vehicle Stop

On Saturday, November 13, 2010 at approximately 11:26 a.m., while on patrol in the area of Westfield Avenue and Gordon Street, Patrolman Nicholas Vaughan observed a black VW Jetta traveling westbound. The vehicle had a rejected inspection sticker on the windshield in violation of 39:8-1. A motor vehicle stop on the parkway north entrance ramp was conducted.

Patrolman Vaughan approached the vehicle on the driver’s side and spoke with the driver. He advised the driver of the reason for the stop. While conversing with the driver, the officer observed that the rear seat passenger was talking on his cell phone and “overtly” looking in the opposite direction, trying to avoid eye contact. When Patrolman Vaughan requested identification from the front and rear seat passengers, the front seat passenger provided identification; the rear seat passenger stated that he left his wallet at the house.

While Patrolman Vaughan spoke with the subject, the subject made very little eye contact with him. When the officer requested his name, he identified himself as “Daryl L. White” and stated that he only knew the last four digits of his social security number.

The subject indicated he possessed a NJ Motor Vehicle Commission identification. When Patrolman Vaughan entered the information in his mobile computer, the photograph for the name given by the subject did not resemble the person in front of Patrolman Vaughan. Further investigation by the officer led to the subject admitting that his real name was Richard L. Walker, age 31, of Jersey City, NJ. Walker further admitted that he was wanted out of Hudson County since 2004 when he failed to appear for his sentencing on a weapons charge.

Walker was arrested and charged with 2C:29-3B(4) (hindering apprehension). Walker’s identity was confirmed by fingerprints at headquarters. He was later released to the Hudson County Sheriff’s Department.