Chien & Cat licence Enregistrements 31 Janvier Due

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Publié: Janvier 15, 2017 @ 9:00 AM EST

The deadline to have dogs and cats licensed in the borough is January 31st. State of New Jersey Department Of Health (NJDOH) regulations require that any dog whose rabies shot expires between January 1st and October 31st of 2017 must be immunized before a 2017 license can be issued. Fees are listed below:

castrés / castré
non stérilisée / castré

Owners who do not register their pets by the end of January are subject to a possible $50.00 bien. Plus, dog owners will be charged $2.00 more for each license starting February 1st ($18.20 pour les chiens castrés / stérilisés et $21.20 for those unspayed/unneutered).

Les résidents qui n'ont plus leur chien ou un chat doivent communiquer avec le bureau du greffier arrondissement pour aviser la municipalité du décès ou de la perte de leur animal de compagnie(s). For a pet that has died, owners are to provide veterinary documents by the required deadline. Pets have moved, a notarized letter with the name and address of the new owner is required.

Les licences peuvent être achetés au bureau du greffier de l'arrondissement 8:30 a.m. à 4:30 h, lundi à vendredi. A check or exact change is preferred. Credit cards are not accepted for payment.

Those who prefer to send in their payment can make the check out to “Borough of Roselle Park” along with copies of rabies information and neuter status to:

Borough Clerk’s Office
110 Avenue East Westfield
Roselle Park, New Jersey 07204

Anyone with quesiton can call (908) 245-6222.

Below is the relevant borough code in full:

BH:2-1.6 Licensing Requirements.

  1. License Number Displayed. Any person who owns, keeps or harbors a dog or cat of licensing age shall annually apply for and procure from the licensing authority through the Borough Clerk, upon payment of the prescribed fee, a license and official registration tag with license number for each dog or cat so owned, kept or harbored and shall place upon such dog or cat a collar or other device with the license number securely fastened or displayed. Acceptable methods of displaying a license number shall include, mais ne sont pas limités à, breakaway or elastic collars. License tags are not transferable.
  2. Time for Applying for License.
    1. The owner of any dog or cat in the Borough shall make application for a license or renewal thereof on or before January 1 of each year. Only one (1) license and registration tag shall be required in the licensing year for any dog or cat in the Borough of Roselle Park.
    2. In the case of dogs or cats that become licensing age after January 31 but before December 31 of the same year, the owner shall make application for a license tag for such dog or cat within ten (10) days after acquisition of age attainment. If a dog or cat becomes licensing age during the month of January, the owner need only make application for a license tag for such dog or cat prior to January 31 for the new licensing year.
  3. Dogs or Cats Brought into Jurisdiction.
    1. Any person who brings into or causes to be brought into the Borough any dog or cat currently licensed in another municipality in this State or any other state through, at least, Décembre 31 of the current licensing year and providing evidence to the licensing authority through the Borough Clerk of the registration tag shall be permitted to keep said dog or cat within the Borough through the current licensing year ending December 31 so long as said dog or cat is vaccinated against rabies through November 30.
    2. Except as provided in paragraph c.,1 above, any person who brings into or causes to be brought into the Borough any unlicensed dog or cat, shall not be permitted to keep the same within the Borough for a period of more than ten (10) days unless such person shall have applied for a license and registration tag for each such dog or cat within that time period.
  4. Application, Contents, Preservation of Information. The application for a dog or cat license or renewal thereof shall state the breed, sex, âge, color and markings of the dog or cat, also the name, street and post office address of the owner and the person who shall keep or harbor such dog or cat. The information on said application and the registration number issued for the dog or cat shall be preserved for a period of three (3) years by the licensing authority.
  5. License Forms and Tags. License forms and official tags shall be furnished by the licensing authority through the Borough Clerk and shall be numbered serially, and shall bear the year of issuance and the name of the municipality.
  6. Evidence of Inoculation. L'autorité ne doit pas accorder une licence et une étiquette d'enregistrement officiel pour un chien ou un chat à moins que le propriétaire fournit un certificat de vaccination en vertu de BH:2-1.6c. au-dessus ou le chien ou le chat a été certifié exempt comme prévu au paragraphe BH:2-1.6ré. au dessus de. La vaccination contre la rage est administré par un vétérinaire dûment autorisé autorisé par la loi de le faire.
  7. License Fee Schedule. Efficace Janvier 1, 2008, et pour chaque année de licence successive ou partie de celui-ci un paiement de dix-neuf dollars et vingt ($19.20) cents pour chaque chien non castré ou neuf ($9.00) dollars chaque pour chat non castré et seize dollars et vingt ($16.20) cents pour chaque chien castré ou six ($6.00) dollars pour chaque chat castré. Les personnes qui ne parviennent pas à obtenir une licence obligatoire dans la période de temps spécifiée dans les présentes seront soumis à une taxe de deux délinquants ($2.00) dollars par mois, avec un maximum de dix ($10.00) dollars. Efficace Janvier 1, 2009 la redevance pour les chats non stérilisés sera quinze ($15.00) dollars et les chats stérilisés seront dix ($10.00) dollars.
  8. Fees, Renewals; Expiration Date of License. The fee for the renewal of license and registration tag shall be the same as for an original license. Each original license and registration tag and renewal thereof shall expire on the 31st day of December, in the following year.
  9. Loss of License. If a license tag is misplaced or lost, the licensing authority through the Borough Clerk may issue a duplicate license and/or registration tag for that particular dog or cat at a fee of one ($1.00) dollar; efficace Janvier 1, 2008 at a fee of five ($5.00) dollars.
  10. Proof of License. Preuve de licence doit être produite par toute personne possédant, garde, maintaining or harboring a dog or cat, upon request of any Health Official, Officier De Police, Agent de contrôle des animaux ou toute autre personne autorisée.
  11. Interfering with Persons. No person shall hinder, molest or interfere with anyone authorized or empowered to perform any duties under this chapter.
  12. Disposition of Fees Collected.
    1. License fees and other moneys collected or received under the provisions of this chapter shall be forwarded to the Chief Financial Officer of the Borough of Roselle Park, and shall be placed in a trust account of the Borough of Roselle Park and shall be used for the following purposes only:
      1. Collecting, keeping and disposing of dogs or cats liable to seizure.
      2. For local prevention and control of rabies.
      3. Providing anti-rabies treatment under the direction of the Board of Health for any person known or suspected to have been exposed to rabies.
      4. For administering the provisions of this chapter.
    2. Such money shall be used to help defray the costs incurred by a resident of the Borough to pick up injured, deceased or wild animals that do not belong to them. (Mot. Pas. BOH-02-2008)