Four Roads Approved To Be Done In 2014

Part of the 2014 Roselle Park Capital Budget included roads that are to be approved for repairs/work this year. Four roads throughout the borough are listed with one of them, Charles Street, having an additional $150,000 added to address storm sewer improvements that have been deteriorating for years. Giving concern that the worst case scenario of a storm sewer collapse might – at some point – occur, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Ken Blum stated, “Speaking with everybody, we feel it’s necessary to put that on there before it becomes a total major issue since it’s taking DEP (New Jersey’s Department of Environmental Protection) so long to review these things.”

The work on Charles Street, although a small street, was also a concern to the council since it is a connecting street to the Borough’s downtown and experiences highly traffic. First Ward Councilman Andrew Casais stated that the cost of the work is high for that street due to the high amount of cement work that will need to be addressed.

The four roads to be worked on in 2014 are:

West Colfax Avenue
Laurel Avenue to Pine Street (Phase I)
Amsterdam Avenue
Seaton Avenue to West Webster Avenue
East Clay Avenue
Sheridan Avenue to Bender Avenue
Charles Street
Chestnut Street to Walnut Street
Charles Street
Open Channel Storm Sewer Improvements

Grants will pay for over 40% of the projects, with $493,000 coming from taxpayers.

Council also discussed projects that were tabled for another year due to budgetary constraints. The roads and areas, some of which have been on the project list for years, are provided below. They will be on the top of the list to be addressed next year, barring no other emergency repairs arise between now and then.

Prospect Street
East Roselle Avenue to Roselle Park Border
Pine Street
West Colfax Avenue to West Roselle Avenue
Sheridan Avenue
East Westfield Avenue to Dead End
Sherman Avenue
East Colfax Avenue to East Lincoln Avenue
Hemlock Street
East Clay Avenue to East Grant Avenue
Larch Street
West Colfax Avenue to West Lincoln Avenue
Seaton Avenue
West Westfield Avenue to Faitoute Avenue
Municipal Parking Lots

Based on the limited number of streets and roads that have been done annually in recent years, some of the streets on 2015’s proposed list will be delayed for, at least, another year.