Four Resident Officials Fined By DCA

Four (4) Roselle Park residents who failed to file their Financial Disclosure Statements in 2008 were each fined $100 by the Department of Community Affairs (DCA) Local Finance Board. Gail Bradley, Bill Heim, Jeff Regan, and Robert Tobe all received letters from the Local Finance Board informing them of the action taken.

The fines, which are imposed on the individuals and not the municipality itself, were the result of letter of complaint filed by John Paff of the Libertarian Party in 2009 against 27 Roselle Park government officers which included councilman Larry Dinardo and Police Captain Cris Tucci. Since that time a majority of those named in the complaint filed their statements for 2008 but the four that were fined had not.

“It was a volunteer position and my finances are my business,” stated Gail Bradley who was fined as a member of the Health Board. She has since resigned from the Board in January 2011 and Mrs. Bradley stated that if she had been presented with the Financial Disclosure Statement, she would have seriously considered not taking the appointed position in the first place.

Bill Heim, who served on the Zoning Board as an alternate, stated he was asked to fill out a Financial Disclosure Statement and did so, “I handed it in to Debbie Bulli who was the secretary at the time and they seem to have misplaced some of these along with Debbie Bulli’s. Now they’re fining us this $100 for something that they misplaced.”

Mr. Heim also stated that he will be going through the appeal process to have the matter handled, “You would never think of fining a coach or someone volunteering because it’s not a paid job. I just find it odd that we’re being fined for something and we were volunteers. It’s actually costing us money.”

“I don’t like the idea of it [the fines],” Jeff Regan stated. Mr. Regan was a member of the Library Board until last year when his tenure was finished and he was not re-appointed. He commented, “I feel it’s violation of personal rights.”

“I’m going to submit those [Financial Disclosure] forms, now that I realize the severity of it,” Mr. Regan said with regard to his the situation. He also plans to look into  proceeding with a hearing before the Local Finance Board to explain his position and to let them know there was no ill-intent behind his failure to file.

“This is the first time, to my knowledge, that the Local Finance Board has fined anyone for not filing a Financial Disclosure Statement,” John Paff stated, “The previous lack of enforcement resulted in widespread non-compliance with the filing requirements. Now that fines are being levied, I expect that local officials all around the state will assign a higher priority to filing their disclosure forms.”

The Financial Disclosure Statements, which have no detailed financial information can be viewed here:
Financial Disclosure Statement

The Notice Of Violations against the four resident officials can be viewed below:

Notice Of Violation

The Notice Of Determination regarding the other 23 officials can be found below:
Notice Of Determination