Former Mayor To Be Roasted

On Saturday, February 26th, the Paragon Ballroom will hold a ‘Toast and Roast’ for former Mayor Joseph DeIorio. The event, entitled “A Toast and Roast – Recognizing 21 years of Public Service Of Roselle Park Mayor Joseph DeIorio”, will host guest roasters. Ticket price is $50 per person and attendees can also donate towards the Mayor’s memory book. All checks are payable to ‘Friends of Joe DeIorio’.

“I don’t know what to expect, but I do know there is a line of people waiting to make few jokes at my expense. Who knows what they will say?”, said former Mayor DeIorio, “I’m not worried. I will be the one to get the last word in.”

Interested guest can email for further information or download the following flier.

A Toast and Roast