Forever In Their Debt

Officially, it all started two years ago. Roselle Park resident Priscilla Ines Caracitas started blogging about Bebe (pronounced ‘bee-bee’) & Jolie – her standard Yorkshire Terrier and teacup Yorkie respectively – after her friends told her to share her photos and stories regarding her love of her dogs with the World Wide Web. Now, she has a Facebook page, a YouTube channel, a Twitter account, her own web site where she offers advice & product reviews, and even TLC (The Learning Channel) has called her for a show taping which will feature Bebe & Jolie’s room. Officially, it started two years ago; but her love for her dogs started way before then.

Priscilla was 17-years-old when she suffered the aftermath of her parents’ divorce. As an only child, she always wanted a sibling – a constantĀ  – to share experiences with, but that was not to be the case. Instead, her mother and father bought her a Yorkie which she named ‘Bebe’ – the French word for baby. Whenever Priscilla would be sad and start crying as she dealt with the separation of her parents, Bebe would jump up on her bed, lick Priscilla’s tears, and then burp. It immediately made the teenager laugh and feel better. Since that moment, she was forever in debt to Bebe.

“I’m obsessed with them. A lot of people don’t understand,” Priscilla stated, now 10 years older, when speaking about her love for her dogs, “But they have this healing power, just by being with you, they make miracles happen.”

To be sure, Priscilla spoils Bebe & Jolie. She has bought them everything from formal AKC (American Kennel Club) training, pet insurance, over 100 clothing pieces (including cashmere sweaters and customized gowns), special dog food that does not contain products they are allergic to, tailored clothes hangers for dogs, and even has made them their own room.

“I don’t mind doing any of it,” says Priscilla, “They give me a feeling of joy that I could never buy and it’s the least I could do for what they do for me.”

When it was just her and Bebe, Priscilla learned a lot about being a mother when Bebe got pregnant and gave birth to two puppies. The male, named Brownie, was born with no problems but the female, Pinky, got caught in Bebe’s amniotic sac. Priscilla, with her vet on the phone, did what she could when Bebe started trying to complete the birth but began biting Pinky, and she pulled her away so Bebe would not continue injuring her. As is the case sometimes, Bebe rejected Pinky and Priscilla had to take care of the puppy as her exclusive mother for the first eight weeks of her life. Pinky pulled through and Priscilla now had two dogs to share her love with. Unfortunately, when she was walking Pinky one day, a car took the puppy’s life. It devastated Priscilla and Bebe. The Yorkie sensed the loss. It was a short time after then that she brought Jolie into her life.

Priscilla recalls, “I felt bad leaving Bebe alone during the day and, plus, I missed Pinky so much.”

Now, they’re inseparable. To be sure, there are times when she has to reprimand them or get their attention, “They know when I start speaking in Portuguese, they’re in trouble.”

Priscilla has found others who love their dogs and give them that little extra attention. On her Facebook page she and other owners all share photos and experiences. She has even gotten her boyfriend into the picture. “He loves them,” she remarked, giving examples of how he carries them around the house and even takes naps with them.

And now, what started out as a way to share funny moments, as well as tips & tricks, has blossomed into an ever-growing online presence she has called PriskyPaws as a way to thank her dogs for everything they have done for her.

“Ever hear of how some people just enter your life and leave a footprint?” she writes on her web site, “Well, my two dogs have left a pawprint in my heart.”

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