For The Sake Of Information

Roselle Park News: May 13, 2010 – December 31, 2018

Just for the sake of information . . . It was always for the sake of information.

There was no ulterior motive of using the newspaper to run for any political office or to be a talking head for any political party or person or to use its platform in order to make money. Neither I nor Roselle Park News ever accepted advertising or financial sponsorship from any organization, person(s), or agency.

In not being motivated by or dependent upon profit, the newspaper was free of the mainstream model of journalism where competition to ‘get the story first’ would drive publication. Roselle Park News had the luxury to take the time to do its best to get the news right.

In the span of 3,155 days, the free online newspaper for the residents of Roselle Park published 3,584 articles; an average of more than one a day.

Over that time, articles that would be considered newsbreaking were reported alongside news that would never be published in a mainstream newspaper. Even though many reports provided information on what some would call mundane topics – like writing news pieces exclusively on ordinances so that residents would be aware of laws being passed on their behalf – they were important because the people of Roselle Park are important.

You are worth writing about.

But now, we the Qersdyns, are moving out of the borough and the newspaper that was created to inform Roselle Park residents so they can cultivate an active interest in their community will come to an end with this article. It will remain a searchable archive for the next four to seven years. At some point, the entire newspaper will be printed in hard copy book format along with a digital version. Both will be donated to the Roselle Park Veterans Memorial Library but no new articles will be published starting tomorrow.

The Qersdyn family will go on; Roselle Park will go on. It has been my privilege.

And with that:
May god be between you and harm in all the empty places you walk
May the peace you seek be found within you.
May you live a good life.




Saul Qersdyn
Roselle Park News