First Autumn Boroughwide Garage Sale On October 1st

The borough’s first autumn Boroughwide Garage Sale is scheduled to take place on Saturday, October 1st from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m.

Registration, accompanied with a $10 fee, is required to participate.

Each person who has registered for the event will be given a checkered flag and be put on a listing of participating addresses.

Form are not yet on the borough’s website but, previously, the last date to sign up was 10 days before the garage sale which would make the deadline Wednesday, September 21st. Once ready, registration forms will be at the Borough Clerk’s Office as well as online at the municipality’s website.

This Boroughwide Garage Sale will coincide with the fall bulk pick-up which will take place the following week. It is designed to lessen the amount of bulk to be put out and picked up which, in turn, will lessen the amount taxpayers pay for the service since there is a fee that is charged for the total weight collected.

The bulk dates are Thursday, October 6th, for the east side and Friday, October 7th, for the west side. Chestnut Street is the dividing line between the east side and west side of Roselle Park.

An interactive map will also be available through Roselle Park News once the listing is finalized.

The rain date for the Boroughwide Garage Sale is the following day, Sunday, October 2nd.