First Aid Squad Now Offers CPR Family & Friends Course

CPR Family & Friends Course – Training ForYou, Your Family and Your Group

The Roselle Park First Aid Squad (RPFAS) is now offering CPR / AED training to individuals, families and groups.

The two-hour training session is held at the RPFAS building located at 535 Laurel Avenue.

Certified CPR instructors will conduct the training and have students learn by practicing on CPR mannequins (adult, pediatric, and infant). Participants will also be taught how to help someone – be it an adult, child, or infant – in the event of choking.

“These techniques, literally, are life savers,” stated RPFAS Captain Glen Costello, “Knowing what to do when you see someone become unresponsive could very well save their life!”

Anyone interested in finding out when classes are available can contact the RPFAS by calling (908) 245-3470.