Fire Calls (January 1, 2011 – February 28, 2011)

1/1/20112:57 a.m.RahwayMutual Aid
1/1/20115:08 p.m.300 Block Chestnut StreetCareless Cooking
1/1/20115:09 p.m.100 Block Jerome StreetSmell of Smoke
1/4/20110:00 p.m.RahwayMutual Aid
1/5/20116:26 p.m.UnionMutual Aid
1/5/20116:22 p.m.100 Block East Clay AvenueSmell of Natural Gas
1/9/201112:55 p.m.KenilworthMutual Aid
1/10/20116:37 p.m.200 Block West Webster AvenueFire Alarm Activation
1/11/20118:05 p.m.100 Block Jerome StreetSmell of Smoke
1/12/20119:24 a.m.100 Block East Grant AvenueSmell of Natural Gas
1/14/201111:24 a.m.200 Block Chestnut StreetSmell of Natural Gas
1/14/20116:47 p.m.100 Block East Clay AvenueFire Alarm Activation
1/15/20111:31 p.m.100 Block Charlotte TerraceOven Fire
1/17/20115:32 p.m.400 Block Elinor AvenueSmell of Natural Gas
1/18/20119:51 p.m.100 Block West Clay AvenueFire Alarm Activation
1/21/20118:22 p.m.West Westfield Avenue & Faitoute AvenueSmell of Smoke
1/23/201111:04 a.m.200 Block Seaton AvenueFire Alarm Activation
1/27/20112:25 p.m.400 Block Amsterdam AvenueSmoke Condition
1/28/20115:21 p.m.200 Block East Grant AvenueLockout
1/29/20111:56 a.m.Carbon Monoxide Alarm Activation
1/29/201111:02 p.m.100 Block Butler AvenueWater Condition
1/30/201100:44 a.m.100 Block Pershing AvenueBoiler Malfunction
1/30/201100:00 p.m.200 Block East Lincoln AvenueCarbon Monoxide Alarm Activation
1/30/20115:31 p.m.500 Block Hemlock StreetCarbon Monoxide Alarm Activation
1/31/20112:04 p.m.300 Block West Westfield AvenueNatural Gas Leak
2/1/201110:53 a.m.300 Block East Clay AvenueKitchen Fire
2/2/20118:02 a.m.600 Block Faitoute AvenueDown Wires
2/2/20118:21 a.m.300 Block West Clay AvenueDown Wires
2/2/20118:27 a.m.300 Block Bender AvenueDown Wires
2/2/20118:28 a.m.400 Block Galloping Hill RoadDown Wires
2/2/20118:52 a.m.100 Block Warren AvenueDown Wires
2/2/20119:01 a.m.200 Block West Colfax AvenueDown Wires
2/2/20119:03 a.m.100 Block Filbert StreetDown Wires
2/2/20119:03 a.m.600 Block Roosevelt StreetDown Wires
2/2/20119:37 a.m.400 Block Markthaler PlaceDown Wires
2/2/20112:49 p.m.600 Block Sherman AvenueDown Wires
2/6/20115:09 p.m.600 Block Donald PlaceCarbon Monoxide Alarm Activation
2/6/201110:47 p.m.200 Block Maple StreetSmell of Natural Gas
2/6/20117:56 p.m.200 Block Sherman AvenueCarbon Monoxide Alarm Activation
2/7/201110:51 a.m.Spruce & East Clay AvenueMVA with Extrication
2/8/20119:40 a.m.100 Block East Grant AvenueSmell of Smoke
2/9/20111:00 p.m.100 Block East Clay AvenueFlooded Basement
2/10/20112:14 a.m.100 Block Jerome StreetWater Leak
2/10/201111:04 a.m.300 Block East Westfield AvenueBroken Water Line
2/12/201100:44 a.m.100 Block East Westfield AvenueSmoking Man Hole
2/15/20117:15PM200 Block West WebsterAvenueFire Alarm Activation
2/16/201110:35 p.m.400 Block Amsterdam AvenueCarbon Monoxide Alarm Activation
2/17/20117:48 a.m.200 Block East Westfield AvenueCarless Cooking
2/18/20115:09 p.m.500 Roosevelt StreetSparking Transformer
2/19/201112:44 a.m.400 Block East Westfield AvenueCarbon Monoxide Alarm Activation
2/20/20119:53 a.m.100 Block West Westfield AvenueFire Alarm Activation
2/22/20112:28 p.m.100 Block East Westfield AvenueCar into Building
2/24/20117:42 p.m.RahwayMutual Aid
2/25/20119:59 p.m.300 Block East Westfield AvenueSmoke Condition
2/28/20115:34 p.m.KenilworthMutual Aid