Final Hearing Tonight For Proposed Development Across from Borough Hall

A proposed four-story eight (8) two-bedroom apartment building across the street from borough hall on West Westfield Avenue is scheduled to have its final application hearing at tonight’s Municipal Land Use Board (MLUB) meeting. The preliminary hearing on the development was held last month with the board giving comments and recommendations to the applicant on the site plan.

The applicant/ project is going under the name W&W Roselle Park, LLC and is owned by the law firm of Sauer & Fitzpatrick which is nestled between the recently vacated X-Press Cafe Gourmet and a three-story apartment complex next to Stephanie’s Bakery. The project is comprised of two (2) properties: 107 East Westfield Avenue (Block 911, Lot 31) and 111 Walnut Street (Block 911, Lot 3).

On May 14th, the land use board heard from Stephen Hehl from the law firm of Hehl & Hehl out of Union Township as the applicant’s attorney. Mr. Hehl reviewed the site plan along with the variances and waivers that were requested for the project. The actual building will be on Westfield Avenue with the parking area on the Walnut Street parcel.

One of the major variances requested was regarding height. Even though the actual building is within the B-3 Arterial Business District and has a height allowance of 72 feet, the parking area of the project abuts residential properties and according to 40-2404.1, whenever a lot or part of a lot in B-3 abuts a residential district, it shall be governed by the height regulations for the residential district. 

Front Yard
Side Yard (One Yard)
Side Yard (Aggregate)
Frontage (Lot 31)
Frontage (Lot 3)
Minimum Lot Area (Total)
15,000 sq. ft.
12,144 sq. ft.
Minimum Lot Area (Lot 31)
7,385 sq. ft.
Minimum Lot Area (Lot 3)
4,759 sq. ft.

The two waivers being requested had to do with driveways.

Driveways (Two Way)
Driveway Aisles (One-Way)

The board reviewed the variances, waivers, and other aspects of the site plan including the comments and recommendations by the board’s planner, Neglia Engineering. Aspects discussed including the waivers and variance listed above, parking, delivery access, emergency vehicle access, grading, drainage, utility approvals, sanitary sewer connections, lighting, and landscaping.

The plans for the two-bedroom units showed walk-in closets and two bathrooms for each unit.

After the testimony, members of the public were allowed to address the applicant and ask questions. Resident Frank Signorello, who owns property on Walnut Street, stated, “The biggest thing for my neighborhood – I talked to all my neighbors – is parking. Parking is terrible now as it is and it’s not going to make it better . . . I like the idea of having something new there . . . [just] make it a little smaller. Go five or six (units).”

At the close of the May meeting, the board asked the applicant to present a drawing with an eight-foot fence instead of a six-foot one, include a speed bump, and to lower the height of the project as much as possible. The board also recommended that the applicant work with neighbors to address their concerns including landscaping along the back of the project.

Copies of the site plan, floor plans, and other documentation are available below.

Tonight’s MLUB meeting is set to start at 7 p.m. at borough hall located at 110 East Westfield Avenue.

Download W&W Roselle Park, LLC Site Plan

Download W&W Roselle Park, LLC Floor Plans

Download W&W Roselle Park, LLC Attachments