Field Trips Still On

At last night’s Board Of Education (BOE) meeting, Superintendent Patrick Spagnoletti updated the Board and the public regarding the matter of field trips. During the Continuing Business portion of the BOE meeting, Mr. Spagnoletti stated that the elementary school principals met with their respective PTAs (Parent Teachers Associations) and called on Sherman School principal Mary Christensen to provide details on discussions and resulting decisions.

“We met and we came up with some guidelines. We decided that all class trips would be within the state of New Jersey and there would be a limit to $10 per admission fee per student and the teachers will be deciding on trips for their grade levels,” Ms. Christensen stated when she spoke before the Board. It was unclear if Ms. Christensen was speaking of all PTAs or simply the Sherman School PTA when discussing the fees and in-state restriction.

Mr. Spagnoletti asked what would happen if it came to Ms. Christensen’s attention that a family could not afford for a trip, the Sherman School principal responded, “We will be working with the PTA to be sure that everyone attends the trip.”

There were no further questions from the superintendent of the Board.