Exhibit Showcases Artworks Of 13 Young Artists

Roselle Park’s Summer Art Workshop Group will be showcasing the works of 13 young resident artists through October 30th. The exhibit – titled “Dream And Be” – will highlight the illustrated dreams of the artists under the theme ‘If You Could Be Anything, What Would You Be?’

There will be a reception to meet the artists on Monday, October 5th, from 6:30 p.m. till 8 in the evening.

Roselle Park resident Lynnor Bontigao has been teaching Basic Art Workshop during the summer seasons to Roselle Park neighborhood children since 2012. The idea on this year’s theme came from asking her students if they could dream anything, do anything, or be anything – without limitations or without anyone saying ‘that’s impossible’ – what would they be?

“The ideas that poured from the students’ minds were interesting and very vivid,” said Lynnor, “Not only does it show their artistic abilities but their story-telling skills as well. They have created artworks which show how they see themselves if that self can be anyone, anywhere, at any time. It’s wonderful to have dreams. Who knows? It may very well come true.”

Some of the young artists expressed their visions behind their canvas work. Emma Crevani, on her piece ‘A Dream To Win’, stated, “I have always dreamed of winning a World Cup on the US Women’s National Team. This year they won so I drew a trophy and their new jerseys.”

“There are all kinds of fictional stories and universes that you can read stories about, or watch shows or movies about,” said Vanna Mendoza about her work ‘Traveling Into Fiction and Fantasy’, “I know of tons of different universes that I would love to live in such as the Marvel Superhero Universe or the Doctor Who Universe. My drawing is inspired by my dream to discover a way to travel and send messages to alternate universes where there’s something different and amazing.”

Tristan Pama, on his ‘Tristan, Guardian of the Galaxy’, commented, “If I can be anything, I will become a Superhero who protects the Galaxy with the use of my special bow and arrows. I can travel to any planet in the Galaxy and defend its inhabitants from any enemies. My eyes will be able to see very well especially in the dark. And I will never miss any of my targets.”

The 13 participants in this exhibit are:

  • Eric Bruckenstein
  • Kassandra Cordero
  • Emma Crevani
  • Karly Donnelly
  • Lauren Donnelly
  • Vanna Mendoza
  • Jacob Ortiz
  • Sofia Ortiz
  • Tristan Pama
  • Emily Tribiano
  • Julia Tribiano
  • Grace Vita
  • Logan Vita

The Casano Art Gallery is located in the Casano Community Center, at 314 Chestnut Street. The mission of the Art Gallery is to give Roselle Park residents a venue to display their artistic works and connect with the community at large. The Art Gallery accepts work only from Roselle Park residents and must be two-dimensional (no sculpture or jewelry). Hours at the Casano Center are from 9 a.m. till 8 p.m. Monday-Thursday and till 5 p.m. on Friday.