Everyone Needs To Take A Step Back And Let The Court Decide

I read with interest the piece this weekend about Michael [Yakubov]’s arrest for allegedly stealing political signage and the responses.  I use the word allegedly because he will have his day in court to prove  his innocence to a judge.  I hope the borough request that the case be moved to another municipal court rather than make this a three-ring circus.

With that being said, I heard from a number of people that at least 150 signs were removed from private properties. If true, this is not small time potatoes.  The cost of replacing 150 signs can range from $1,500 to $2,500 depending on the vendor.  Let’s put that into prospective.  I am sure anyone who had any property stolen from them would report it to the police.  I am also sure that after a report was made, they would be advised by the authorities, that without some kind of evidence (photograph, video, fingerprints, credible eyewitness) the police are limited in their investigation.  That doesn’t mean the police are going to put it on the back burner after you walk out the door and do nothing.  Considering the amount of loss involved, I believe the action taken by our police was appropriate to  further investigate into this case.

Word of advice to all political candidates and anyone else that aspires to lead people whether it be in politics, business, or other professions.  Think before you act. It is bad enough that the profession of politics is mired with being “dirty” thus preventing good and honest people in pursuing public office and politicians having an all time low approval rating and distrust among the voters, but with technology available to everyone today, don’t do anything that will disgrace yourself, bring shame to your family, and distrust from your neighbors, employees, and supporters.

Personally, I hope the truth comes out sooner than later. If wrong doing has been done, I would strongly recommend that where the wrong originated, that person or group, come forward without spin and ask for forgiveness and accept accountability and responsibility for the action.

Kevin Murphy