Evening One-Seat Ride Takes Off

It has been 315 days since the first One-Seat Ride from Roselle Park to New York Penn Station where passengers could go to New York City from Roselle Park without having to switch to another train in Newark. This past Monday night, the second phase of the One-Seat Ride took place with Roselle Park Mayor Carl Hokanson on board. Raritan Valley Line (RVL) Train 5150 went into New York City, bringing Raritan Valley Rail Coalition’s (RVRC) goal to having a 24/7 One-Seat Ride a reality.

Arriving at Roselle Park train station at 7:21 p.m., the train proceeded to Union Station then Newark Penn Station where – after about 90 seconds – the train switched from diesel to electric, thereby allowing the engine to proceed to Manhattan. One noticeable difference from the first One-Seat Ride on March 3rd of last year was the absence of lights dimming momentarily to signify the change in power. A little after 8 o’clock, the train arrived at its destination and everyone onboard the first car, including Somerset County Freeholder and RVRC President Peter Palmer, Union County Freeholders Linda Carter and Bette Jane Kowalski, and other community leaders from towns along the rail line took an opportunity for a photograph to mark the occasion.

During the ride with various mayors and freeholders from both Union and Somerset Counties, Mayor Hokanson said, “It’s a great day for the people on Raritan Valley Line and Roselle Park. We now have to keep working on getting both New York and New Jersey leaders behind this because in the end, it’s a win-win for everybody.”

Mayor Hokanson spoke of the opportunities with the Ryan property and the planned renovations for the Roselle Park train station.

On the way home everyone had smiles on their faces happy with the progress but they did not rest on their laurels. They were looking to the future of having such train rides on weekends and during rush hour.