Pizza Stop gana 2014 “La mejor pizza” Concurso

Pizza Stop gana 2014 “La mejor pizza” Contestthumbnail
Publicado: Enero 12, 2014 @ 9:48 PM EST

Pizza Stop ganó el 2014 “La mejor pizza” concurso, que fue patrocinado por los Caballeros de Colón Roselle Mons. Consejo Loretti #3240, last night at the Church of Assumption’s Loreti Hall. The Kenilworth pizzeria tool the top award for the 2nd annual event among the local favorites. The contestants were:

  • Bellisima Pizza, 547 West Westfield Avenida, Roselle Park, Nueva Jersey (908) 245-9003
  • De Costa Pizzeria, 120 Chestnut Street, Roselle Park, Nueva Jersey (908) 241-1131
  • Mimi pizza, 357 West Clay Avenue, Roselle Park, Nueva Jersey (908) 245-9696
  • Padonno’s Pizza, 517 Chestnut Street, Unión, Nueva Jersey (908) 686-8880
  • Pizza Stop, 290 South Michigan Avenue, Kenilworth, Nueva Jersey (908) 245-6262
  • Tony Pizza Delight, 1331 Magia Avenida, Unión, Nueva Jersey (908) 820-0992
  • Valentino, Este Westfield Avenida, Roselle Park, Nueva Jersey (908) 245-7555

Padonno’s was a new contestant while the other six returned for a re-match from last year.

The over 200 attendees acted as judges who were happy to oblige by sampling the entries from Roselle Park, Unión, y Kenilworth. In tables of eight, familias, los amigos, and neighbors took turns going into the testing room where all the pizzerias had slices on numbered plates; some taking two or three plates at each turn while the pros were able to bring all seven back to their table. Then connoisseurs and aficionados alike tasted each sample, took notes, conferred with each other and marked their favorites. Some drank soda, some washed their palates with water, and others partook of vino they brought with them to enjoy the festivities.

An hour after it started, the voting was closed and the ballot box was removed to have the votes tallied. While that happened, the judges were treated to cookies, cupcakes, tortas, and brownies which were donated for the event.

Al final, after all the votes were tallied, Pizza Stop was voted as the winner of the night, although, en realidad, all those who took part were the ones who came out winners.

Bryan Peterson, of the Knights of Columbus said, “Ann Marie and I would like to thank all the participating Pizzerias for their time and donation and we would ask everyone to show their continued support of all of those local small businesses that took time out to be apart of this fun event. También, we would like to recognize Church of the Assumption for hosting it and the Roselle Park Knights of Columbia for working so hard to make it such a success, once again.

We want to thank everyone that voted for us”, stated a member of Team Pizza Stop, the winning pizzeria, “We appreciate your business and we hope to see you soon.