Elmarassy To Run Unopposed For 4th Ward

Mohamed Gino Elmarassy, the Democratic candidate for the fourth ward, will be running unopposed for the council seat currently held by Councilman Modesto Miranda.

Councilman Miranda, who was on the ballot for the Primary Election this year, submitted his petition to withdraw from the General Election on Monday, September 9. The deadline to fill a vacancy of Primary Election nominees was today, September 12th by 4 p.m. Speaking with Lisa Bobish, the Union County Supervisor of Elections, she confirmed that no petition was filed as of 3:58 p.m. today.

This makes the second time since 2011 that a candidate has run unopposed for the General Election. Two years ago, Marc Caswell ran as the only candidate for the second ward.

The 2013 General Election will be on November 5th.