Eight Residents File To Run For A Seat On BOE

The deadline to file a petition to run for the Roselle Park Board Of Education (BOE) was 4 o’clock this afternoon. Eight (8) residents filed their petitions to run for one of three available seats on the BOE.

Those who filed to run this November are:

  • Alexander Balaban
  • Loren Harms
  • Matthew Leingang
  • Agron Meshi
  • Scott Nelson
  • Kimberly A. Powers
  • Jeff Regan
  • Joseph Signorello, Jr.

The three (3) current BOE members – Alex Balaban, Loren Harms, and Scott Nelson – will be running to retain their seats. The remaining five candidates have not run before and this will be the most people to run for the BOE within the last ten years.

In Roselle Park, three (3) BOE seats are up for election every year. The school board election works differently than a municipal election. In a general election, candidates run for the same office against one other and the one with the most qualified votes wins the office. BOE seats are filled by the three who receive the most votes and candidates do not run against each other, per se.

The next important date is August 15th, when the ballot positions for the BOE candidates are drawn.

The BOE election will be on Tuesday, November 8th.