Easy Fitness With Jeannie Gets Temporary Stay To Re-Open In Roselle Park

Regina “Jeannie” Mendes Doman was glad to be back in Roselle Park, even if, for the moment, it is not permanently. Yesterday, Jeannie received a temporary stay until her variance application before the Municipal Land Use Board (MLUB) is heard which will permanently decide her future in town.

This temporary stay is a reversal of Roselle Park’s Code Construction Official Jesse Atwell’s unilateral and immediate revocation of  Easy Fitness With Jeannie’s Certificate Of Occupancy (C.O.) three weeks ago. At the time, Jeannie had been in operation for 10 months and was awaiting a court date to find out if, in fact, she was in violation of municipal zoning law; a court date which had been postponed three times since her original hearing date in February of this year.

Jeannie will await notice from the MLUB – which meets once a month – as to when her hearing will be scheduled. Additionally, she is waiting to find out when her court date will be heard. As of press time, her hearing is not scheduled for the October MLUB meeting.

Jeannie will be holding a grand re-opening on Friday, October 11, 2013 to celebrate her return to the borough and anyone requesting more information can contact Jeannie at (908) 258-7020.