DWI Program Results In Dozens Of Arrests

From August 19, 2011 through September 5, 2011, the Roselle Park Police Department (RPPD) participated in the “Over The Limit – Under Arrest” program which resulted in the following arrests:

Violation# Of Violations
DWI arrests9
Suspended Drivers12
Speeding Violations23
Drug Arrests14
Seatbelt Violations34
Fugitives Apprehended12
Uninsured Motorists7
Reckless Drivers9
Other Violations353

In June of 2011, four (4) officers of the Roselle Park Police Department were recognized by M.A.D.D. (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) for distinguished service in 2010. The officers recognized were:

Patrolman Kevin Florczak
Patrolman Richard Gaylord
Patrolman Robert Harms
Patrolman Gregory Polakoski

These four officers were responsible for making 98 drunk driving arrests in Roselle Park in 2010.

Due to inclement weather on the evening of August 25, 2011 a DWI checkpoint was not conducted. A police spokesman stated that enforcement was conducted by roving patrols during that time.