Driver Arrested For Receiving Stolen Property

On Friday, June 3, 2011 at approximately 11:56 p.m., Sergeant Peter Picarelli was on Chestnut Street  stopped at the red traffic signal at West Westfield Avenue when a silver 4-door Honda Accord stopped directly in front of his patrol car. Sgt. Picarelli observed that the Honda did not have any license plate or temporary tag visible. Sgt. Picarelli then followed the Honda and initiated a motor vehicle stop. The vehicle then pulled over on the 100 block of East Westfield Avenue. Sgt. Picarelli approached the driver and proceeded to ask him for his credentials. The driver indicated that he did not have a driver’s license and he did not have any paperwork for the vehicle. The driver was identified as Christopher Jarrell. Upon further investigation it was discovered that the vehicle was reported stolen earlier in the day out of Newark, NJ.

Mr. Jarrell, age 31, of Hamilton, NJ was placed under arrest and charged with 2C:20-7(a) (receiving stolen property). Mr. Jarrell was also charged with numerous motor vehicle offenses which included 39:3-40 (driving while suspended), 39:3-10 (unlicensed driver), 39:4-56 (delaying traffic), 39:3-33 (failure to display license plate), 39:3-4 (unregistered vehicle), 39:6b-2 (uninsured vehicle). Mr. Jarrell was transported to Union County Jail.