DPW To Begin Leaf Pickup Monday

During a meeting of The Concerned Citizens Of Roselle Park yesterday, the issue of leaves not being picked up was discussed. Second-ward councilman and mayor-elect Joe Accardi, who was in attendance, addressed the matter.

“We started getting phone calls that the trucks are actually driving past leaf bags and not collecting them. So we checked it out this week and it turns out that the contractor is saying that their vegetative waste definition does not include leaves,” Mr. Accardi explained.

He continued, “We paid good money to extend the contract and they’re telling us they don’t pick up leaves as part of our extension. So the DPW, beginning on Monday, is going to go around and start picking up the leaves.”

The mayor-elect added that the Borough attorney is looking into the matter since the contractor’s current agreement was initially delayed by three (3) weeks at the beginning which extended it through the first three weeks in November. The 22nd of the month was when the DPW was supposed to start picking up leaves to take over after the current contractor’s responsibilities were met. Now, the DPW will accelerate their schedule by a week. Mr. Accardi stated, “Our (DPW’s) schedule is completely thrown off.”

Milt Woodruff, a resident who was at the meeting asked for some clarification on the matter, “One of the things that has to be clarified is that we called the DPW because we had put leaves out … but (DPW) kind of explained it that you have to call up so they can put you on the schedule.”

It was explained that the calling to have leaves picked up referred to pickups not already on scheduled dates. Where in town the leaves will begin to be picked up was not known at that time but more information should be available on Monday.

The amount of time and days it will take to pick up leaves is also unknown due to the undetermined volume that are is on the ground. Jacob Magiera, Vice Chiar of The Concerned Citizens Of Roselle Park, stated during the discussion about the realistic outlook that residents should have regarding the job, “There are a lot of leaves out there.”