Donations For Annual Fireworks Low For 2015

Finance Chair Andrew Casais, during the final Capital Budget Workshop for 2014, mentioned that next year, Independence Day fireworks might have to come out from taxpayers and be included again as a budget line item. For the past couple of years donations have covered the $10,000 cost of the annual spectacle to celebrate America’s Declaration of Independence.

“I know our donations have not been coming in as quickly,” he stated, “If we don’t raise the amount in donations for next year, you’re probably having to look into an expense.”

No specific amount was provided at the meeting but Ken Blum, the municipal CFO (Chief Financial Officer), stated that he believed there to be about $3,000 currently in the fund for fireworks for 2015.

Councilman Casais is asking residents if anyone knows of any person or group who would be willing to donate for the 2015 fireworks, to reach out to members of the governing body.