Do You Know Mr. Salvo?

You might know that Mr. Salvo is the principal for Robert Gordon School in Roselle Park and this is his sixth year as principal. But did you know that Mr. Salvo used to teach fourth grade? In fact, Mr. Salvo came all the way from teaching in California to work in New Jersey before coming to Robert Gordon. He was a teacher for seven years in other schools before becoming our principal.

Maybe you knew that the best part of Mr. Salvo’s job is working with the students. Robert Gordon School has two (2) classes for each grade – kindergarten to 5th. If you didn’t know that, then maybe you knew that the worst part of his job is all the paperwork he has to do everyday.

Mr. Salvo likes mystery stories because he says they make you think. His favorite author is Andrew Clements who bases his stories on school. Mr. Salvo’s favorite book by Andrew Clements is Frindle, which is a story about a boy who makes up a new word for “pen” which soon spreads across the country.

Mr. Salvo’s favorite event is the very first day of school because he gets to see everyone after the long summer. Mr. Salvo’s favorite color is blue, and it has always been blue. Is Mr. Salvo’s favorite subject math, writing, science, or social studies? It’s none of those… his favorite subject is reading!

Now you know a little more about Mr. Salvo, the principal of Robert Gordon School! You should try to get to know your principal better!

Julia is a student in the Roselle Park school system and this is her first news article.

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Julia H.

Julia is a student in the Roselle Park school system and her first news article was "Do You Know Mr. Salvo?" published on September 25, 2011.