Dispute Ends In Weapons Charge

On September 4, 2010 at 2:38 a.m., officers responded to 310 Chestnut Street on a report of a dispute and an individual with a gun. Upon arrival, Hipolito Reyes , a 2nd floor resident was on the third floor, arguing with the 3rd floor resident, who was extremely intoxicated.

The investigation revealed the complainant stated that she heard a gun shot come from the third floor.¬† Hipolito Reyes, was arguing with a 3rd floor tenant about $100 owed in rent money and the tenant’s conduct which was causing a nuisance to others.

Hipolito Reyes is the owner of the residence. The residence at 310 Chestnut Street is single family residence that was converted into three (3) separate  apartments.

Hipolito became irate, went down stairs and returned with a black handgun, at which point Hipolito started pointing the handgun at him threatening that he wants his money and wants him to leave the residence.

Police recovered a discharged casing from a starter round and a loaded starter pistol in the 2nd floor residence.

Hipolito Reyes was placed under arrest and charged with 2C:39-4 (possession of a weapon for unlawful purpose), 2C:39-5 (unlawful possession of weapons), 2C:12-3 (terroristic threats), and 2C:12-1B(4) (aggravated assault – pointing a firearm). He was transported to Union County Jail in lieu of $50,000 bail.