Deteriorating Christmas Tree Removed

The Christmas tree that is located at the corner of East Grant Avenue and Chestnut Street in Michael Mauri Park has been cut down. At the Thursday, November 5th Mayor & Council Meeting, Mayor Carl Hokanson stated, “I’m asking council if they would do the permission to remove that tree that’s in sad shape and if you look to the center and to the left, there’s two beautiful pine trees, Christmas trees, next to that.”

The mayor stated that the tree, which has been in place for about half a century, has deteriorated over recent years and needed to be removed.

There are no plans to replace the tree this year with a new tree but to have one or both of the pine trees that were next to the removed tree be used as 2015’s Christmas tree. Depending on how many decorations are available, one or both trees will be used. The Chestnut Street area is planned to be closed off on Friday night, December 11th, and high school bleachers will be placed on the street to accommodate residents who wish to see the open-air concert that evening. Only if there is inclement weather will the concert be moved inside to the Casano Center.

Although not mentioned at the meeting, Mayor Hokanson stated that next year, or in the future, the governing body would welcome fundraising or a donation for a new pine tree, which is estimated between $7,000 and $9,000.