Despite Rumor, Party Candidates Win Primaries

All political party supported candidates unofficially won their respective primary elections despite a rumor publicly posted by former Roselle Park Mayor Joseph DeIorio that had Roselle Park Democratic Committee (RPDC) Chair Dan Petrosky launching a write-in campaign to have registered Republican(s) win the Primary and then sit out the rest of the campaign to assure that 2nd Ward candidate Joe Petrosky or 5th Ward candidate Rich Templeton would win in November.

No personal choices were entered for any primary candidate.

The political party candidates for the 2nd Ward are Democrat Joseph Petrosky and Republican Joseph Alfano. The 5th Ward candidates will be Richard G. Templeton III for the Democrats and Thomas ‘Thos’ Shipley for the Republicans. Both Democratic candidates are currently serving on council in their respective council seats.

Earlier this year, Richard Templeton switched political parties right after being sworn into office to fulfill the council seated vacated by Michael Yakubov. Joseph Petrosky was appointed to the 2nd Ward when Charlene Story, who held that seat, was elected as Council-At-Large  in last year’s general election.

Roselle Park almost always has uncontested primaries where there is only one candidate per party per council seat. Additionally, unlike the general election in November, candidate votes are not tallied against each other since only registered Democrats can vote for Democratic candidates and registered Republicans can vote for Republican candidates.

The general election will be on Tuesday, November 3, 2015.

The vote tallies for all party candidates are listed below:

Second Ward Democratic Candidate
Joseph Petrosky
Personal Choice
Second Ward Republican Candidate
Joseph Alfano
Personal Choice
Fifth Ward Democratic Candidate
Richard G. Templeton, III
Personal Choice
Fifth Ward Republican Candidate
Thomas 'Thos' Shipley
Personal Choice