Deputy Code Enforcement Officer Resigns

Just less than three months from being appointed on February 15th of this year, Elaine Broyles submitted her resignation as Deputy Code Enforcement Officer on May 8th. The letter submitted was incorrectly dated March 8, 2015 according to Code Construction Official Jesse Atwell.

Ms. Broyles gave a ten-day notice with the effective date of resignation being yesterday, May 18th. She was in the middle of her six-month probationary period.

The reason given in her letter was acceptance of a “more lucrative position” elsewhere. The annual salary was listed $36,778.30.

In addition to Deputy Code Enforcement Officer, Ms. Broyles was also the Apartment House Inspector as well as the Technical Assistant to the Construction Official.

There has been no word as to who will performing the duties of Deputy Code Enforcement Officer until the position is, once again, permanently filled.

A copy of the resignation letter is available below: