Delta Gas Station Attendant Victim Of Armed Robbery

On Friday, April 18th, at approximately 9:25 p.m., a gas station attendant from the Delta Gas Station located at 413 East Westfield Avenue reported that he was a victim of an armed robbery.

The attendant stated he was grabbed from behind by the neck and a handgun was pointed at his chest by an assailant while a second male went through his pockets taking approximately $690 in cash.

A third male was said to have been with the other two and all were believed to be between the ages of 18 – 21 with dark complexion. All three males ran towards Sheridan Avenue, entered a silver two-door vehicle, and fled the scene.

The attendant did not appear to be injured but was shaken up.

The investigation is ongoing at this time and anyone with information is asked to call the Roselle Park Police Department at (908) 245-2300.