Deadline For BOE Candidates Is June 5th

With one (1) day left, the Union County Clerk’s Office has reported that there have been no submissions of candidates for the Roselle Park Board Of Education (BOE) for the 2012 election. There are currently four (4) seats that will be up for re-election.

Troy Gerten, who was appointed for a one-year term to fill the unexpired term left by Jason Tribiano’s resignation will run to fill the remainder of that term which is due to expire in 2013. Current BOE members Alaex Balaban, Barney Leinberger, and Roseann Rinaldi have all voluntarily extended their terms until December 2012 due to the vote by both the municipal governing body and the school board to move BOE elections from April to November to coincide with general elections.

The savings to taxpayers was estimated at $13,000 per BOE election but that savings was accompanied by a concession that residents would no longer be able to vote on the school district’s budget unless it went over a 2% tax levy increase cap. Even then, residents would only be able to approve or vote down the amount over 2% – the entire budget would not be voted on.

BOE member Alex Balaban stated during a Library Board of Trustees meeting that none of the incumbents will be running for their seats.

Candidate Nominating Petitions must be filed with the County Clerk in her office at 2 Broad Street, Room 113 in Elizabeth, NJ by 4 p.m. on Tuesday, June 5th. A copy of the Candidate Nominating Petition can be viewed/downloaded below: