Deadline For Annual Dog & Cat License Registration On January 31st

Residents have until the end of business day January 31, 2014 to pay for the annual license fee for the dogs and/or cats in order to avoid warnings and possible summonses.

During the January 16th Mayor & Council meeting, Council President Carl Hokanson updated the borough on the number of fees that had not been paid. As of that evening, there were 745 dogs listed (from 2013) in the borough and 184 fees still outstanding. 666 cats were listed with 118 licenses that were not yet paid.

According to Borough Code BH:2-1.6(g), any person who fails to obtain a license as required within the time period specified shall be subject to a delinquent fee of two ($2.00) dollars per month, with a maximum of ten ($10.00) dollars. If a license tag is misplaced or lost, a duplicate license may be obtained for a fee of five ($5.00) dollars. The fine for having an unlicensed cat or dog is $48.00.

All licenses can be paid at Borough Hall between the hours of 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

A breakdown of fees is provided below. Anyone with questions or any resident requesting assistance an contact Council President Carl Hokanson at (908) 966-7852.

Spayed / Neutered
Unspayed / Unneutered