Dancers Pointe Recognized As January Business Of The Month

Councilman Eugene Meola started the year with the first Business Of The Month by recognizing Dancers Pointe. Councilman Meola introduced the performing arts studio – which offers classes in voice, dance, and acrobatics – which moved next to the Roselle Park Municipal Complex in 2014. It has been in Roselle Park since 1969.

Before presenting the certificate, Councilman Meola stated, “This is just the best part of doing this job. We’re up here doing council business but I prefer to give out awards any day.”

Mary Dressendofer and Cathy Vigliotti were in attendance to accept the certificate.

“We are very honored to accept this award. We have a great competition team,” said Mary, “We are actually dancing in Disney World this year. We danced on Main Street in Disney four years ago and this year we’re dancing at EPCOT Center. So we’re really excited to take our dancers there. We offer them a lot of opportunities from tap, jazz, ballet, flamenco, hip-hop, you name it. There’s a class for everybody six days a week.”

Cathy added, “On behalf of Mary & I, we would like to present mayor and council two books that we wrote. We have two dance books. One is ‘Princess Plié & Friends’. The other one is ‘Hippity Hopping with Fifi & Freddy’.”

Plush dolls accompany both books which were authored by Mary and Cathy. Mary’s daughter, Ava, sang for the book and Cathy’s daughter, Dana, did the illustrations.

“We would like to thank you very much for giving us this honor today,” concluded Cathy.

Councilman Meola said both books and dolls would be donated to the library.

Dancers Pointe (link) is located at 122 East Westfield Avenue.