Daisy Scouts Shine In Helping Out

Daisy Scouts Troop #40773 were recognized for their undertaking to help with Roselle Park’s animal rescue efforts.

First Ward Councilwoman Jayme Lynn-Negron, who is also a Daisy leader, along with Mayor Carl Hokanson presented the troop with Certificates of Recognition.

At the ceremony during the February 15th municipal meeting, Mayor Hokanson congratulated the 12 Daisy Scouts, saying, “They were nice [enough] to get together and they did a collection for the cats and dogs because, as you know, cats and dogs have rights too. They did a phenomenal job [with] the collection. The other day we were at the library and we gave it to Mr. Balaban who has delivered it to the different agencies that did it. So we are here to recognize all you lovely ladies that did this.”

At the end of January, the Daisy Scouts troop hosted a Pajama Party Bingo Night. Councilwoman Negron recalls that Girl Scouts who attended the event were asked to bring an item for animal rescue. Over 80 scouts attended the event and the Daisy Scouts collected one large plastic tote of cat food, one large tote of dog food as well as cleaning supplies, pet beds, blankets, and paper towels.

“Girl Scouts is all about empowering young girls. Our troop [is made up of] 6- and 7-year-old girls,” said Councilwoman Negron, “They had a blast calling the numbers, serving pizza, and collecting the items people brought to the event. It was awesome to see the look on their face when they saw how their hard work paid off.”

Once all the items were collected, Troop #40773 delivered them to Alex Balaban who told the girls that their donation would help the cats at St. Hubert’s and dogs at Puppy Love Rescue.

Councilwoman Negron continued, “The girls were proud that the event they worked hard planning for was going to benefit so many animals. When the mayor offered to recognize them at a meeting, I accepted because recognition cements that sense of pride in doing what’s right.”

The Daisy leader recounted that the girls felt so important that the mayor wanted to meet them at the initial drop off of the donation and then wanted to bring them into town hall to honor them publicly.

“I’m so happy to be their leader. Our scouts and their families have such big hearts. I’d also like to thank all of the troops that came to the event and brought an item for donation. They made the event a success,” concluded Councilwoman Negron, “They are our future and the future is looking bright.”

Photographs from the donation are available below. Please feel free to click to enlarge.