D’Agostino Lawsuit Still Not Settled 11 Months After Court Signs Off

A month short of a year after a Union County Superior Court Judge signed off on Docket UNN-L-1903-10, effectively closing the case, and a copy of a handwritten agreement submitted to the courts, the case of D’Agostino vs. Roselle Park has not been resolved by the municipality’s governing body.

The lawsuit was brought against the municipality in 2010. There is another lawsuit, Docket UNN-L-3239-13, which specifically names current Roselle Park Mayor Joseph Accardi, Borough Clerk Doreen Cali, Borough Code Enforcement Officer Carl Pluchino, former Councilman Modesto Miranda, and former DPW Superintendent Vince Cahill. The 2010 claim against the municipality included harassment and violations of civil rights in conjunction with a property dispute between George D’Agostino, owner of 293 West Colfax Avenue, and Gilda DeIorio, owner of 301 West Clay Avenue and mother of former Roselle Park Mayor Joseph DeIorio.

A copy of the complaint is available at the end of this article.

The matter has been the issue of a number of closed sessions throughout the year but the governing body never returns with any resolution although a handwritten agreement lays out a settlement where the municipality would pay $90,00 to settle the matter with Mr. D’Agostino. A copy of that hand-written agreement was obtained by Roselle Park News and is available below.

In October of last year, Judge Kenneth J. Grispin signed off on the matter, effectively closing the case as far as the court was concerned.

No questions can be asked of the municipality as to why the matter has not been resolved almost a year after a judge closed the case or why it remains a closed session item because closed session items prohibit any comment.

A copy of the amended over 200-page complaint is available below: