Cub Scouts Take Over Council

Seven Cub Scouts from Troop 56 took the seats of Roselle Park’s governing body at the April 5th Mayor & Council meeting.

The tradition of having members of the local Boys Scouts and Girl Scouts restarted last year in the borough. This year the Girl Scouts had to re-schedule their participation and the Cub Scouts represented the governing body this past Thursday night.

The Cub Scout councilmembers were:

  • Joseph Yantin (First Ward)
  • Christopher Ley (Second Ward)
  • Michael Bromirski (Third Ward)
  • Noah Smith (Fourth Ward)
  • Jesse Garnick (Fifth Ward)
  • Steven Gassama (Council-At-Large)
  • Ayden Negron (Mayor)

Each Cub Scout was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation by acting mayor, Ayden Negron.

Every action and vote taken by the acting members of the governing body was authorized and approved later in the meeting by mayor and council.