Cranford Man With 18-Month-Old In Car Arrested On CDS Charges

Also on Thursday, February 16th, Sgt. David Pitts stopped a grey Mazda on Linden Road for seat belt violations at approximately 1 p.m. During the roadside investigation, the driver, Bryan J. Meyer, age 32 of Cranford, was suspected of driving while intoxicated. A further investigation revealed Meyer to be in possession of Xanax concealed in an aluminum pill container. Meyer stated he did not possess a prescription for the pill(s). He was then placed under arrest and transported to headquarters. Arrangements were made with a family member to respond to the scene to take custody of Meyer’s 18-month-old daughter, who had been seated in the rear of the vehicle.

Meyer was charged with 2C:35-10A1 for Possession of a Controlled Dangerous Substance and soon released with a pending Union County Superior Court date.