Councilman Petrosky Recognized For Decades Of Volunteer Service To RP Youth

Second Ward Councilman Joseph Petrosky was recognized at Thursday night’s Mayor & Council meeting for his over four decades of volunteer service as a coach and member of youth-oriented organizations in Roselle Park.

Former New Jersey General Assemblyman and current Union County Sheriff Joseph Cryan was on-hand to acknowledge the councilman. Sheriff Cryan stated, “I have the privilege tonight of presenting a couple of resolutions to someone who’s served the youth in Roselle Park for over 40 years and I want to ask him to come up and stand next to me. That’s Councilman Joe Petrosky.”

The sheriff went on to say that Councilman Petrosky was being honored with two resolutions – one from the Union County Board of Freeholders and one from the New Jersey State legislature – for his work with the youth baseball, softball, basketball, soccer – to name a few. Sheriff Cryan added, “If there’s a sport, Joe’s coached it and if there’s a youth in town, Joe’s probably made a difference in his or her life.”

The sheriff recognized Joe Petrosky’s work as a councilman, as a carpenter, as a member of the Church of the Assumption, and as a member of the Knights of Columbus. Forgoing the read of the proclamation in order to focus on the man’s work, Sheriff Cryan did read one section to the room packed with friends, coaches, family, students, and residents that he felt epitomizes and captures Joe’s contribution to Roselle Park. He recited, “Whereas the strength and success of the State of New Jersey, the vitality of its communities, and the effectiveness of our American society depend in great measure upon the concerned and devoted citizens like and exemplified by Joseph F. Petrosky.”

Sheriff Cryan continued with his praise, adding that the certificates were words on pieces of paper that do not capture the memories and the difference that Mr. Petrosky has made and the impact he has had on the youth of Roselle Park mentoring, understanding, creating a change, and making a difference – one young person at a time. He concluded, “Joe, for all the people who can’t say thank you tonight but want to, I present to you these resolutions and thank you so much for your incredible service to our community.”

The audience gave a standing ovation.

“That’s a tough act to follow but Mayor & Council did the same thing,” said Mayor Carl Hokanson before embracing Joe Petrosky.

Afterwards, the usually quiet councilman gave a few words of gratitude, saying, “I just want to thank everyone for coming and I see some of my former players. Thank you for coming and some of my former coaches, Gary Bundy and Kenny Iachio, thank you. I want to thank everyone again. Thank you very much.”

Later in the meeting,, Mayor Hokanson joked that the councilman could be referred to as a great-great-great coach since he has mentored generations of players who themselves, had children who, in turn, Mr. Petrosky has also coached.