Council Votes To Not Re-Appoint DPW Superintendent

When the governing body returned to the regular order of business after its closed session, resolution 166-12 was introduced and voted on. The resolution was to authorize the municipality’s labor attorney to issue a Letter Of Non-Reappointment to Vince Cahill, the current superintendent of the Department of Public Works (DPW).

With no questions or comments, council voted 4-1, with newly appointed councilman Scott Nicol abstaining, to issue the letter. Councilman-At-Large Carl Hokanson was the only ‘no’ vote.

Mr. Cahill’s appointment as DPW superintendent, which began in 2010, will end on December 31, 2012. Council will have until then to advertise and interview for the position. If Mr. Cahill gives notice before the end of the year, the governing body will appoint an acting supervisor if the position has not been officially filled.