Council Votes Down CAO Resolution

Resolution 133-11, which was to officially appoint Borough Clerk Doreen Cali as the Borough’s Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) was voted down last night by a vote of 4 – 2.

The resolution was originally tabled by council at the November 17th meeting to do further research. At last night’s meeting, 2nd ward councilman Marc Caswell began his comments by stating he was not fully comfortable with making a decision either way as to vote in favor of or against the resolution. After some further discussion and an option by Mayor Joseph Accardi to allow council to table it again, councilwoman Tanya Torres stated it would be unfair to keep Ms. Cali to do so and asked for a vote.

When the roll-call was taken only council representatives Modesto Miranda and Michael Yakubov voted in favor of adding the position of CAO to Ms. Cali’s responsibilities. The remaining four (4) members voted ‘no’.

This vote will now leave council with the options of either hiring another individual as the CAO or to modify the ordinance which defines the duties of the position.

An in-depth report on the history and outlook of this matter will be forthcoming within the week.