Council To Introduce Municipal Budget

The March 13th Municipal Budget Meeting marked the final time the governing body would meet prior to Thursday’s proposed date for budget introduction.

On March 9th the Mayor and Council held a meeting to discuss the budget and acted on certain recommendations of Ken Blum, the Borough’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO). These cuts were departmental and were applied to areas under “other expenses”. Total cuts enacted on March 9th were $157,005 and the average tax increase to a house assessed at $65,000 was between $114 and $115.

At the most recent budget meeting, the council agreed to an additional round of cuts totaling $94,431. March 13th cuts reflected a decrease in Mayor and Council salaries and wages, a change in the start date for new police hires, a cut in police overtime, a change in part-time municipal court start dates, a cut in Social Security (other expenses), and a cut from the Recreation Department under other expenses. Cuts to appropriations from the March 9th and 13th municipal budget meetings totaled $251,436.

Area (other expenses)
Cuts Made Reflected in Fourth Draft
Buildings and Grounds
Municipal Land Use Board
Traffic Control – School Guards
Public Works
Community Center
Farmers Market
Cable TV 34
Municipal Court
Maintenance of 9-1-1
Mayor and Council
Emergency Management
Recycling Tax
Maintenance of Vehicles
Environmental Commission
Code Enforcement
Implementation of Fair Share Housing Plan
Garbage Disposal

After a brief closed session, the governing body adjourned the Mach 13th meeting recommending that the budget be introduced at their next regular meeting on Thursday, March 17, 2011. The draft of the budget posed for introduction reflects an average tax increase to a house assessed at $65,000 of $98.34. This proposed increase is down $229.62 from the original amount of $327.96.

Total cuts to appropriations raging from February 23, 2011 to March 14, 2011 total $617,314.78. Total increases to revenues amount to $373,741. If this draft of the budget is introduced by council on Thursday night, nothing impends further cuts and amendments from being made until the date of “Public Hearing and Adoption” on May 5, 2011.

Budget Draft
Cuts per Draft
Revenues per Draft
February 23, 2011 (2nd Draft)
March 9, 2011 (3rd Draft)
March 14, 2011 (4th Draft)
March 14, 2011 (Final Discussions)