Council Passes Salon Restriction Ordinances, Rejects Dumpster Ordinance

By a vote of 4-2, Roselle Park’s council vote into law three ordinances that address barbershops/beauty salons/nail salons in the borough while unanimously rejecting an ordinance on the length of time a dumpster can be on the street.

Ordinances 2524, 2525, and 2526 were adopted as law with Councilmen Michael Connelly and Joseph Petrosky voting against all three bills. The new laws will limit new barbershops, beauty salons, nail salons or other personal care service business from opening when one already exists within 500 feet. If anyone wants to do so, they would have to file an application before the Municipal Land Use Board (MLUB) to have them approve – or deny – the business.

During the discussion portion of the ordinances, Council-At-Large reviewed parts of the discussion held by the MLUB on May 14th. The MLUB voted to have the governing body postpone voting on the ordinances until an economic development coordinator – who is in the process of being sought – is hired. One perspective not mentioned by the all-male land use board and almost all male council came from First Ward Councilwoman Jayme Lynn Negron.

In defense of Council-At-Large DeIorio’s position that barbershops or beauty & nail salons do not equate to a busy downtown, the councilwoman related that when she and other women get their nails done, they do not stay around to eat or shop in the area because they do not want to damage their manicures or pedicures.

The dumpster ordinance, #2529, was defeated by the entire council after clarification from Code Enforcement Officer Frank Genova regarding the duration of time a dumpster can be out on the street or on private property. The wording of the ordinance relayed a 30 business day limit for dumpsters. MLUB member Peter Picarelli, who is also the borough’s code enforcement officer, stated at the land use board’s meeting last Monday that the ordinance was meant to keep the seven-day limit for street placement but extend it to 30 days for private property. Mr. Genova clarified at Thursday night’s meeting that, currently, a permit is good for seven days after which time a permit needs to be filed every seven days thereafter. The permit fee is $100. The proposed wording, Mr. Genova said, should read 30 calendar days for private property use and seven days for street placement. The $100 permit fee would apply and an extension would still need to be applied for every time the time limit expired.

The three nail salons will become law upon legal publication while the dumpster ordinance will have to be re-introduced as a new bill to go before the land use board and governing body.