Council Hires Ryan Hokanson As RPPD Officer

Council unanimously voted to appoint Ryan Hokanson as a Probationary Police Officer in the Roselle Park Police Department (RPPD) at the July 21st Mayor & Council meeting.

Ryan, who is Mayor Carl Hokanson’s son, was given the oath of office by his father – himself a Roselle Park police officer – with his mother at his side. Patrolman Hokanson’s appointment maintains the level police department’s corps to fill the opening created when police officer Harold Breuninger was promoted to Sergeant.

After being sworn in, Police Chief Paul Morrison spoke to those in attendance, “I’ve been here for many, many swearing-in ceremonies. This is really extra special. [It’s] the right thing to do. Ryan comes very highly recommended from Sheriff Cryan . . . Ryan has been assigned to the Street Crimes Unit in Elizabeth under the sheriff’s guidance for the past year. He’s already received two awards – one from Elizabeth and one from the Sheriff’s Department. He’s only been on the job for a year and he’s already making a name for himself. When the sheriff agreed to release Ryan to Roselle Park, he told me – without question – that we were getting a top-notch professional and Ryan certainly is a professional. I’d just really like to thank the sheriff for his cooperation, what he did, as well as the council. This is a great night. Ryan, I wish you continued success and congratulations. Welcome to Roselle Park.”

Patrolman Hokanson spoke to the community, “I’d like to take this time to thank Chief Morrison, Captain McCaffery, Lieutenant Jimenez, mayor and council for the opportunity to allow me to serve this great community. I’d also like to take this time to thank the Union County Sheriff’s Office, my captain in the back, Captain Burke, members of Elizabeth Police Department for having me on-board for the last year and a half. I’ve gained invaluable experience working with them and I look forward to being here. Thank you.”

Later in the meeting, Third Ward Councilman Ryan Kelly offered a few words about his friend, “Growing up he’s always easily the most responsible person in the room and probably the person with the highest level of integrity in the room as well. Roselle Park Police Department is certainly getting an asset and I thought it was an interesting moment to be a part of that and I was proud to support that.”

Patrolman Hokanson will have a 12-month probationary period with a salary of $54,045.17. His start date is Monday, August 8th.