Council Appoints RPPD Patrolman Theodore Kot

The governing body appointed Theodore Kot as a Probationary Patrolman to the Roselle Park Police Department.

After being sworn in, Officer Kot spoke to the audience, “I just want to thank Chief Morrison and Captain McCaffery for this opportunity, the entire town council, and the mayor. I look forward to many years of service here. I’m excited to start. I also want to like to my family, my parents [and] my uncle Rob for getting me this far. Thank you.”

Police Chief Paul Morrison commented on the newly appointed officer, “He interviewed for a police position over a year ago. He put himself through academy training as a class 2 for [the] Avalon Police Department. He’s a very aggressive individual. He knows what he wants. He actually turned down two other police departments so he could work here in Roselle Park. I give him a lot of credit for doing that, it was a risky thing on his part to do but this is where he really wanted to work. Officer Kot, I wish you many years of success and be safe.”

Officer Kot will be a probationary patrolman for a year after which time he will become a full patrolman. Officer Kot will have an annual salary of $56,228.59 and will begin serving the resident of the borough on Monday, September 10th.