Council Hires Jessica Diaz As RPPD Police Officer

Council unanimously approved the appointment of Jessica Diaz to the position of Probationary Police Officer in the Roselle Park Police Department (RPPD).

The first RPPD female police officer since 1999 was congratulated by Police Chief Paul Morrison at last night’s municipal meeting. He recounted that officer Diaz worked as a dispatcher at the police station for two years before leaving to work as a police officer in the Union County Sheriff’s Office last year.

Chief Morrison said, “She’s come back to us. We’re excited to have her. Jessica has always been a true professional in the police department and has served the people of Roselle Park extremely well and I know she’ll do the same out on the streets serving the residents and all who visit this town. Jessica, congratulations and many years of success.”

After being publicly sworn into office surrounded by her family, RPPD police officer Diaz addressed those in attendance, “On behalf of my family and myself, [I’d like] to thank all of you for this immense opportunity that I’ve been given . . . Knowing the great department that I’m coming into, I’m more than excited to be an asset to them.”

At the request of Mayor Carl Hokanson, officer Diaz then addressed the Spanish-speaking members of the community stating, “Ojala que me reciban muy bien.”

This translates into ‘I hope to be welcomed by you.’

Officer Diaz’s probationary period will be for 12 months. She will start on Monday, March 6th, with an annual salary of $55,126.07.